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Impact Play

A powerful feature of many sensual surrender sessions, impact play can create focus and presence in the moment. Your bodies natural response to pain is to release endorphins which can create feelings of euphoria for some often referred to as subspace. It can be wonderful interspersed with sensation play such as feathers or combined with bondage and domination.



For many perhaps their first experience of impact play is having their bottom spanked. Spanking can work well in conjunction with more erotic touch or feel naughty while being bent over my knee.


The archetypal form of impact play, flogging has plenty of variety. From large heavy suede floggers for impact and thud, to light long leather floggers for a delicious sting, or small light floggers for more gentle impact in delicate areas. 

Paddles and Crops

Although the intensity can be increased, paddles and crops can be good for beginners. Being asked to count each strike can help keep focus on the impact.



Canes are not for the faint hearted. They can make a lovely sound and build anticipation. But anything more than light use can leave bruising or wheal marks.

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