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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book?
    Bookings can be made through my main site or alternatively get in touch by text or WhatsApp on 07457 328888 letting be know your proffered days/dates/times.
  • Do you use safe words?
    Yes, safe words are important to ensure consent is in place at all times. This is especially important during some role play scenarios and if exploring consensual non-consent. I use traffic lights with the following meanings: Green - Everything is okay and it's okay to take it up a level. Amber - Everything is okay, but don't take things any further. Red - I want to stop everything. I will periodically ask you 'what colour you are?' but if you shouldn't wait until I ask to say 'Red' if you are not comfortable. There is no fuss or drama should you want to stop. We can always restart if/when you are ready or not.
  • What is Consensual Non-consent?
    Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is a type of role play where two or more people engage in that recreates some form of forced activity. It can be sexual or non-sexual in nature, but the critical element is that there is prior agreement that this is what will take place. It's also vital that safe words are agreed and used to communicate to ensure that consent is maintained throughout.
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